Hard Requirments

  • NumPy
  • pybind11 (and therefore a C++11 compiler; if using pip, must be explicitly installed before pygram11).

Soft Requirements

  • OpenMP (will be used if installed from conda-forge).

You can use pygram11 without OpenMP, but you might want to try fast-histogram if you just need to compute fixed bin histograms with OpenMP (see the benchmarks). If you’re here for variable width histograms or the sum-of-weights-squared first class citizenry - I think you’ll still find pygram11 useful.

Install Options


Installations from conda-forge provide a build that used OpenMP.

conda install -c conda-forge pygram11


pybind11 must be installed explicitly before pygram11

pip install pybind11 numpy
pip install pygram11


pybind11 must be installed explicitly before pygram11

git clone
pip install pybind11 numpy
cd pygram11
pip install .