OpenMP Support

If installing pygram11 from conda-forge or via a binary wheel from PyPI, OpenMP acceleration should be available. If you don’t want to use conda-forge or you can’t use a binary wheel, keep reading.

If you are building from source, the script tests to see if OpenMP is available during installation. You can look at the continuous integration configuration files to see how builds are defined (Linux only) to ensure OpenMP acceleration is available. For macOS, take a look at the GitHub actions configuration files. We rely on libomp from Homebrew.

To check if OpenMP was detected and used while compiling the extension module pygram11._core, try the following:

>>> import pygram11
>>> pygram11.omp_available()

Needless to say, if you see False OpenMP acceleration isn’t available.

The histogramming functions use a named argument (omp) for requesting OpenMP usage. If pygram11.omp_available() is False the omp function argument is ignored.

You can use pygram11.omp_max_threads() to check the number of threads that OpenMP has determined are available on your CPU.